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While it is no secret that professional assistance can greatly assist you when buying or selling real estate, you may find yourself wondering “how” to choose the right real estate professional.   It can be hard to sort through all the marketing and hype to focus on what is truly important and what makes the biggest difference.

It all comes down to proven results and your comfort level with the business style of your chosen professional. To help you with your decision, here is a list of 8 basic tips for picking the best realtor for you:

•    Talk a poll of what recent clients had to say
•    Pick a true winner.  Have they been recognized with any national awards?
•    Research how long they have been in the business
•    Look at their performance track record
•    What kind of marketing and tools will be used?  (brochures, postcards, websites etc.)
•    Will they be hiring a professional photographer/videographer or taking the photos themselves?
•    Will they be providing staging services and/or a consultation?
•    What are the office hours to handle inquiries and appointments?

Amanda realizes that your home is your biggest investment and as such, is committed to ensuring that you get the maximum return on your investment.  Amanda has been a full time realtor and industry leader for several consecutive years.  In fact, Amanda has been nationally recognized as being within the top 6-10% of realtors in Canada for 2012, 2013 & 2014.  Amanda’s commitment and passion to her profession are evident through her deep rooted analysis, study and continual monitoring of the real estate markets up’s, downs and trends, all of which comes into valuable play when assisting her clients sell their homes smoothly and quickly for top dollar.

Pricing your home correctly, ensuring that it shows to buyers in the best manner possible and marketing it extensively are the 3 most important factors in selling your home quickly and for the best value possible.  Amanda’s consultative process includes a comprehensive review of all recent and comparable homes sold or currently on the market, an analysis of how these comparables stack up against your home, what (if any) market conditions we need to be aware of, and together we’ll review and consider the best pricing strategy for your home.  Next, a detailed interior and exterior review of the home will uncover and outline the main area of focus relating to preparing/staging the home for maximum buyer appeal.  Then through extensive marketing, Amanda ensures that your home receives maximum exposure to buyers through MLS, print ads, open houses, in-house promotion, flyers and various other on-line methods.
Allow Amanda to use her skills and experience to benefit you!
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